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solid + striped kimono


solid + striped kimono, by good journey.

size: XS - M, fits loose + flowy, falls to mid-thigh

The solid + striped kimono is a recent fave of ours! Made from 2 light-weight African Indigo textiles, one striped, one deep blue indigo with handmade fringe, these lovely textiles are so soft + cozy. This piece makes the perfect light-weight jacket and layering piece. 100% cotton, beautifully draped + front pockets. A dreamy piece.

pictured on an XS

We use a variety of authentic African Textiles in our designs, each and every one hand-chosen for its uniqueness + beauty. Many are antique or vintage and show signs of love + a journey well traveled.
Each piece in our apparel collection is handcrafted by us in our studio in Newport Beach, California. The design, skill, hours spent + the textile used in each piece determines the cost of each piece.
Each piece is completely original + one of a kind.