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Yoga Therapy.

Sage Sessions with Jamie.

We are so excited to announce we are now offering one-on-one yoga therapy with Jamie! In your customized session, you are able to choose exactly what you want to focus on, what your needs are, making the experience uniquely you.

Learn mindful breath techniques, begin a new yogic practice, learn about Kundalini Yoga, peaceful parenting techniques + ways to practice mindfulness + peace in every day living. 



 Therapeutic yoga
[specializing in injury/issue related yoga practices]
 Guided Meditation 
 Breath-based mindful techniques 
Techniques on how to communicate + parent peacefully


How does Yoga Therapy differ from a Yoga Session?

The one-on-one approach provides a space for the individual to focus on the self. The instructor provides the tools for the process of self-exploration, development, gently guiding each practice towards self-realization, exploration + healing.

Yoga is not only an exercise, but a practice with intention which includes other aspects such as pranayama [mindful breath techniques] + meditation.

These intimate sessions provide a space to offer help or relief from symptoms you are suffering from or health conditions that are troubling you. The techniques Jamie teaches are techniques that can help you feel better, improve your day to day living + overall function, rather than simply teaching yoga.  

For questions + to inquire about pricing + scheduling, please email