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Why Essential Oils?

Why should we choose to use natural remedies in our lives?

Jamie Anderson, Founder + Owner of good journey, has been a long time proponent of incorporating essential oils + natural living into her life, not only for herself, but for her entire family. Below, Jamie describes how + why essential oils are a must and gives us a brief history of oils + their uses:  

"I have been incorporating essential oils and natural remedies into my daily routine for many years now, that it feels almost second nature. Its easy, natural, and just feels right. But sometimes, even though I go to my kit without a second thought, I get asked about what I am doing, how I'm using them and why quite regularly."

a little history...

"A friend asked why would I use an essential oil rather than grab a bottle of Advil? Fair question, although it seems obvious to me, it deserves a fair answer... Essential Oils have been used to treat ailments of the human body for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used them extensively for their aristocrats and pharaohs. Western medicine has made tremendous leaps and bounds in terms of ridding us of infectious diseases and there is definitely a time and a place for doctors and medicine, and even chemicals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to put harsh, unnatural substances into your body at every bump, scrape and ache."


"Essential Oils are an important part of a consistent wellness routine and will be much gentler on your body than many of the alternatives. A basket of essential oils can be a first aid kit, a medicine cabinet, and beauty spa, all in one. Essential oils can be used to treat a full spectrum of emotional and physical wellness. Aromatic oils tap into the sense of smell which has powerful connections throughout the body in both the physical and emotional. Aromatic oils can induce uplifting or calming effects. Topical is great for the skin, especially scrapes and bruises. Rubbing oils topically onto the body can help soothe aching muscles, inflamed joints, as well as relieve sore shoulders and relax a tense neck."


"Many oils can be taken internally as well. They can be eaten after adding them into food, or inside a smoothie or juice, or under the tongue. Essential oils are quickly absorbed into the lymphatic system, aiding in the internal aid for your body. There are many great options for natural and even organic essential oils, and different people can offer different reasons why each brand is better than the other, but I have personally been using doTERRA for awhile now and have been very happy with their products and are my favorite to use. I have been asked many times why I don’t sell the oils in our Web Shop, so for the sake of convenience, and what I believe in, good journey will offer the oils I find to be truly essential. Also, be sure to follow Our Journal, as I share the ways in which I utilize essential oils and natural remedies in my own life in hopes that you too will benefit from the natural healing properties that Mother Earth generously provides."
- Jamie Anderson, founder of good journey


Living a life of conscious well being is the core of good journey + the foundation of who we are. Incorporating essential oils into our lives is what we believe + practice in our daily lives.

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