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Our Journal — REFLECTION

Read our tips + stories on yoga, travel, well being + our creative projects. We want to inspire mindful practices in spiritual well being, conscious living, essential oil use + help you understand moon energy + her influences. Mindful living for the modern woman.

Full Moon in Scorpio.

The Rose Moon or Scorpio Moon reflects the cycle of life + challenges us to face our hidden truths. She can bring out what lies in our shadows + reveal our enlightened selves.
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Joshua Tree Bliss.

Between the skies, the light + sweet breezes, Joshua Tree in the spring is a dream. Then throw in an epic full moon + amazing women gathered around a long table sharing vulnerable wisdom + food made by hands filled with love, took it to the next level. 
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Blue Moon in Libra.

This full moon is a blue moon in every sense of the word. The second full moon in a month + opposite mercury retrograde, it is likely to expect our feelings will be overflowing, difficult to understand + even more difficult to communicate them.
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Monday’s tend to bring a natural time of reflection, as we pause + take a few moments to welcome spring + set our intentions for the new moon cycle.
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love day.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love! When we truly love ourselves, we feel the power we are capable of creating. It sounds simple but it is a deep challenge for many of us to see our own true beauty + uniqueness.
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a meditation movement.

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY // is the day to start a meditation movement.Today is the day to keep the dream stronger in the name of a truly amazing, beautiful human.Don’t you think?
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the Full Frost Moon.

This month's full moon carries a few names; the Beaver Moon, the Full Frost Moon + the Mourning Moon. Which ever name speaks to you, the resounding theme of this moon is deep reflection in a time of seasonal change as well. Can't you feel it in the air?
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new moon in Virgo.

The total solar eclipse in August brought forth some heavy, life-chaning transformations, opened past wounds, giving us the opportunity to heal + move forward. We haven't yet quite arrived at the end of the healing stage, but we are well on our way... the new moon today gives us a fresh start + a gentle push in the right direction.
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the Harvest Moon.

As Summer's end is upon us, we look forward to the shift Autumn brings. This month's full moon is sure to bring some powerful, yet challenging, shifts in our lives, igniting conflicting emotions + challenging environments. Get ready to do some introspection.
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full moon in Aquarius.

The full moon in Aquarius aligns with a partial lunar eclipse this cycle, setting the tone for some major shifts to occur, revealing things that we normally feel more comfortable keeping to ourselves. This time of the year is extra cosmically charged with the full solar eclipse occurring on the 21st of this month. Get ready for a full dose of powerful cosmic energy.
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