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Our Journal — CREATE

Read our tips + stories on yoga, travel, well being + our creative projects. We want to inspire mindful practices in spiritual well being, conscious living, essential oil use + help you understand moon energy + her influences. Mindful living for the modern woman.

Agua Fresca.

Weekend Rituals // agua fresca! Lately, we have fallen in love with making our own fresh juices at home. With the warm weather we've been having + as we move into the summer months, agua fresca has been the perfect pair.
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welcome spring!

Ah spring. New beginnings. Blooming flowers. Birds singing. Nature awakening from winter. The spring equinox celebrates nature’s beauty, giving us beautiful colors, freshness in the air + a renewed spirit.
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the art of block printing.

We tried our hand at block printing over the weekend and were thrilled how fun, creative + quite simple it was. Incredibly easy to set up, we found it was the perfect way to spend the day, while getting those creative vibes flowing, which is usually the goal.
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embroidery as therapy.

Embroidery is strangely therapeutic. My Grandmother taught me when I was young and at the time, I thought it was lovely but simply did not have the patience to practice.
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